N– Raise (ಎನ್ -ರೈಜ್)

Azospirillum sp Bio- fertilizer (ಜೈವಿಕ ಗೊಬ್ಬರ)
It is a nitrogen fixing Bacteria.
These bacteria fix environmental nitrogen and make available for plant roots.
These bacteria’s helps for plant growth and development by providing more nitrogen for growth.
Helps to release other elements and improving soil fertilizing
Reduces application of nitrogen fertilizer 20 to 25%
Seed treatment helps to increase the seedling growth
 This is  eco friendly product continues use of this products increase soil fertility in future days

P- Raise (ಪಿ-ರೈಜ್)
PSB (Bio – fertilizer) (ರಂಜಕ ಕರಗಿಸುವ ಸೂಕ್ಷ್ಮಣುಜೀವಿ ಜೈವಿಕ ಗೊಬ್ಬರ)
P-Raise contains Phosphorous solubilizing bacterial (PSB)
Bio fertilizer.
This converts the unavailable form of phosphorous into available form
P-Raise provides energy for root growth
These bacteria’s increases fruit setting capacity of plants by providing more energy
PSB increases enzyme activities in plants it helps for healthy growth of plants
Increased stalk and steam strength
Improved flower formation and seed production
More uniform and earlier crop maturity
Increased nitrogen fixing capacity of legumes
P-Raise minimizes phosphorous fertilizer application to the extent of 20-25 %

Organic manure:
Unnati is an organic fertilizer. It included plants required nutrients for their growth at optimum quantity. Deficiency or unavailability of single nutrient incompletes the plant growth. Unnati is an organic fertilizer it contains all macronutrients, micronutrients and essential components which are essential for plant growth. 

Availability of all nutrients from unnati helps for:
Complete growth of the plants
Increases organic fertilizer efficiency improves soil fertility
Maintains pH of the soil Improves beneficial micro organism’s activity in soil.
From unnati application we get good quality food
There is no bad effect on soil, environment and human being

K- Raise ( ಕೆ – ರೈಜ್ )
KMB (ಪೊಟ್ಯಾಷ್ ಕರಗಿಸುವ ಜೀವಾಣು ಗೊಬ್ಬರ)
K-raise contains potassium mobilizing bacteria (KMB) Biofertilizer
K-raise converts the unavailable form of potassium into available form
K-raise increases the rate of photosynthesis so plants can produce more food
K-raise minimizes potassium fertilizer application to the extent of 15-20 %
K-raise improves disease
Resistance and Drought Resistance
K-RAISE helps the uptake of water through plants roots and minimizes water loses
K-RAISE helps to activation of many growths related enzymes

Biogen {ಬಯೋಜನ್}
Trichoderma harzhianum
Biogen is a biological disease control agent. Use of Biogen helps to prevent dangerous disease causing soil pathogens and fungi management.

How biogen works on pathogens:
Biogen contains trichoderma micro organism Biogen grows in root zone and prevents disease causing micro organisms by forming a strong shield around the root.
Trichoderma grows as parasitic on disease causing organisms this prevents growth and reproduction of disease causing pathogens.
Biogen grows very fast. Faster than other organisms so these trichoderma uses more area and nutrient for growth so prevents growth of disease causing micro organism by unavailability space and nutrients.
Biogen kills pathogens and fungi in faster rate
Biogen prevents soil born and seed born diseases by producing antioxidants and enzymes against pathogens.